Affinity Polyurethane

A reflective roof coating can deflect harmful UV rays from the sun, protecting your commercial roof from its damage and extending the lifespan of your existing roof. Conklin Affinity™ Polyurethane is a roof coating with a highly reflective white finish.

As a one-coat waterproofing system, Affinity™ Polyurethane is ideal for protecting metal roofs from leaks, but also can be used on approved membranes to provide cool-roof benefits.

Cool roofs with an Affinity™ Polyurethane coating not only improve the appearance and water-proofing properties of your building’s exterior, but also improve its aesthetics.

Affinity™ Polyurethane provide benefits to your building’s interior, too. Because of its reflectance, Affinity™ Polyurethane can reduce the ambient air temperature inside your building. This saves you money in cooling costs and may increase the efficiency and lifespan of your facility’s HVAC system.

Affinity™ Polyurethane offers elasticity, durability, and cost-saving protection for your commercial building.

Affinity Polyurethane application to a commercial roof

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