Commercial Roof Restoration

Mid-State Roofing can save your thousands of dollars with roof restoration, often a more affordable option over roof replacement.

Our affordable roof restoration can repair commercial roof damage such as cracks, water ponding or standing water, blow-offs, punctures, and other roof concerns without the need for expensive tear-off.

Unlike roof replacements, roof restoration by Mid-State Roofing contractors can restore your commercial roof without requiring your facility operations to cease. No downtime means no loss of income.

Contact a Mid-State Roofing professional today to discuss your options for roof restoration. As Conklin partner, we’re confident we can restore your failed roofing system back to a leak-protectant barrier and extend the life of your commercial roof. For more than 40 years, Conklin Company Inc. roofing products have provided superior performance, backed by innovation. Combined with our honesty and quality service, Conklin roof restorations add years of life to industrial roofs without the need for entire roof replacement.

roof restoration in progress

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