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Conklin Roofing System Reviews Favor More than the Product

Conklin is renowned for its quality building and roofing systems and with more than 40 years of experience offering roofing solutions, it’s garnered many positive reviews from facility managers and roofing contractors alike.

Every year, Conklin roofing systems help millions of consumers save thousands of dollars on their facility management costs by providing roof restoration systems. Mid-State is proud to be a partner contractor of Conklin roof systems.

Conklin Roofing System reviews reflect not only customer satisfaction, but also support from its partner contractors. While Conklin roof coatings provide affordable solutions to roofing issues, the company trains its roofing contractors and continues to mentor them through various programs:

Conklin’s Research & Development

The research and development team at Conklin has been solving roofing challenges for decades. In 1977, it first introduced white acrylic elastomeric coating and changed the roofing industry for years to come.

Conklin introduced a rust-prohibiting primer and special aluminum coating in the mid-80s. In the ‘90s, Conklin introduced Benchmark elastomeric roof coating and created new roof insulation products.

Conklin roof system reviews reflect appreciation from family of contractors

This decade, Conklin has released a new exterior coating for vertical walls, an improved metal primer, Conklin Equinox Puma XL, Flexion, and Outpost TPO.

They continue to offer innovative roofing products that help building owners and facility managers protect their properties while enjoying an ROI through cool roof energy-efficiency.

Conklin also partners with Energy Star products. The reflectivity of its roof systems can decrease your carbon footprint. It also can help reduce the national energy demand for cooling by up to 15 percent.

Roof Industry Marketing & Mentoring

The mission of Conklin Company is growth, but also to help “people see who they are and the difference they can make.”

The company supports its contractors through its Conklin Marketing System online and through mentoring programs, online training, webinars, and national conventions.

As one online review states: “The trainings are phenomenal. The products are the best in the market and the service is very professional.”

A Family of Roofing Professionals

Reviews of Conklin roofing systems also commend the company for the extensive training it offers to roofing contractors who partner with Conklin.

Through its online resources, including a Facebook page dedicated to its building products and roofing systems. The social media platform shows videos of new products to contractors and page fans, along with encouraging messaging and industry-related news.

It recently hosted a Roofing Systems conference call regarding the reformulated EQUINOX acrylic coating introduced this month.

The company helps roofing contractors develop their professional skills as well as their customer service and marketing skills.

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