Conklin Roofing Systems

Conklin partners with roofing professionals and supports contractors through continued training and product improvement. More than 40 years since its inception, Conklin’s research and development department continues to innovate and produce products that improve the commercial roofing industry and add quality to customer service.

What began as a small family business decades ago is now one of the largest companies in the roofing industry, providing their excellent Conklin roof systems and Mid-State is proud to be a partnering contractor of Conklin systems.

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As a pioneer in offering roofing systems that get rid of the inconvenience of costly repair and replacement, Conklin has been helping small business owners worldwide to develop their character and business skills to serve the commercial roofing industry with superior Conklin roofing products. As Conklin roofing professionals, we can ensure great service and insight gained from the main innovator in the roofing industry. Conklin supports its contractors through trainings and shares the same mission of offering quality service through honest work.

A Conklin roof provides owners of commercial and industrial buildings a roof restoration that’s environmentally friendly, watertight, durable, and flexible.

Conklin Roofing installations have extended the life of thousands of commercial roofs, providing durable, energy-efficient leak protection for metal and flat roofs for decades.

You can trust our roofing professionals to provide quality Conklin Roofing installation that’s environmentally friendly and watertight. Conklin is a partner in the EPA’s Energy Star program.

When you choose a Conklin Roofing installation, you get an innovative roofing system and worry-free protection for your industrial building or warehouse. These cool roofing systems are American-made and exceed rigorous industry standards.

Solve your roofing challenge with a Conklin Roofing installation by Mid-State Roofing.

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