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Cool Metal Roofing Can Save You Money

Metal roofing is one of the most popular types of commercial roofs and although they do provide some reflective benefits, they aren’t a cool roof solution. If you’re a facilities manager, you likely help maintain a commercial building that’s sheltered by a metal roof or your property is near other industrial buildings with metal roofs.

Commercial metal roofs are typically steel, aluminum, or zinc. Sometimes copper is used for metal roofing, but it isn’t a common metal used for commercial buildings.

Pros and Cons of a Metal Roof?

Metal roofs have a long life expectancy and typically withstand abuse from hail and debris. While metal roofs can be a great choice for your building, they are susceptible to failure. Long-term exposure to temperature fluctuations causes them to expand and contract. This causes fasteners to fail and seams to open, which will make your metal commercial roof susceptible to leaks.

Turn a Metal Roof Into ‘Gold’

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When the metal roof of your building is showing signs that it needs to be repaired, a cool roof coating system will not only fix leaks and extend the life of your metal roof, but our metal roof coating systems can increase the energy-efficiency of your building. That means you can lower utility expenses through less use of your building’s AC and save money.

Another money-saving benefit to choosing cool metal roofing is no tear-off labor and no debris removal. With Mid-State’s cool metal roofing restoration, you can extend your roof’s life and minimize future expansion/extraction, extend its life, save energy costs, and restore your building’s curb appeal.

How Does Cool Metal Roofing Work?

Cool metal roofing provides enhanced energy efficiency with its solar reflectance and infrared emittance properties.

Also, cool roofs help reduce the heat that is transferred into the building. It’s a sustainable option in commercial roof restoration and can even play a role in decreasing urban island heat in urban areas.

We use ENERGY STAR certified roof products that reflect sunlight and absorb heat, able to lower the surface temperature of your commercial roof by up to 50 degrees F. We can stop leaks and inhibit rust while protecting your roof from the sun’s destructive UV rays through a Conklin Metal Roofing System (MR system).

Metal Roof Restoration

Using spray foam polyurethane (SPF), we can restore your failing metal roof with a cool roof coating that’s less expensive than a metal roof replacement. Our cool metal roofing solutions protect your roof with a seamless, attractive finish. Metal restoration with SPF adds a reflective value of 6.5 per inch and stops condensation. Mid-State Roofing offers up to an 18-year warranty on metal roof restorations through Conklin’s superior roof systems.

How is a Cool Metal Roof Restored?

An SPF cool metal roof coating is a spray-on foam that creates a protective coating on your existing roof.

Our Conklin roofing professionals will:

  • Inspect your roof’s slope for any standing water issues
  • Fix all sheet metal failures, at flashing and fixtures
  • Power-wash the roof surface to remove dirt and debris
  • Check for mastic or substrate issues
  • Apply a rust primer to inhibit oxidation
  • Spray the polyurethane onto the existing substrate
  • Apply layers of elastomeric silicone or acrylic coating for UV light protection

We’re Ready to Talk!

If you’re hoping to restore your building’s metal roof with a cool metal roof system, we can offer you a free roof inspection and look forward to a conversation about how this may be the best option for your commercial building.

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