How Long Does A Metal Roof Last? (And How To Make It Last Longer)

Whether you’re thinking about replacing your current roof with a metal roof or you’re wondering if your current metal roof needs to be replaced, you may be wondering, how long does a metal roof last? In short, the answer is:

Most metal roofs often last between 40-70 years and sometimes longer than 100 years, depending on the type of metal that was used and how well it was installed.

If you hire a trustworthy professional roofing contractor to install the roof and they use steel (the most common type of metal used for metal roofs), expect a lifespan of closer to 60-70 years. Keep reading to learn how to calculate a more accurate estimate of the longevity of your metal roof as well as some tips to help you extend the life of the roof for as long as possible.

Which Types Of Metal Roofs Last The Longest?

There are several different types of metal that can be used on roofs but the most common are steel, aluminum, and copper.

For the budget conscious, steel is the most popular but it also tends to have the shortest lifespan at the lower end of the 40-70 year range. It is less common in tropical and coastal areas because it tends to wear down and corrode more easily when exposed to salty wet air on a regular basis.

Copper is the longest lasting type of metal roof, and it has been known to last more than 100 years. The trade off is that it’s also one of the most expensive metals for roofs making it very uncommon.

Aluminum is a balance between steel and copper in terms of price and longevity. It’s more expensive than steel but still affordable to most businesses and families. Yet it also lasts longer than steel, closer to the higher end of the 40-70 year range.

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Is A Metal Roof Worth It?

Metal roofs are a great option for companies and home owners who are looking for a long lasting material and can afford the cost. It costs a lot more up front than other roofing materials, such as shingles for example, but it also lasts longer than shingles, so you’ll have to weigh your options wisely.

Our team of professional roofers can help you choose the best material for your building’s roof.

Is a Metal Roof Better Than a Shingle Roof?

In terms of durability, yes, metal roofs are much more durable than shingle roofs. While it typically takes a lot to wear down a metal roof, shingles often wear and break during severe storms, requiring more maintenance.

Also, Shingle roofs typically last only 20-30 years, compared to the typical 40-70 years for metal roofs.

How Do You Maintain A Metal Roof?

Another benefit of a metal roof is that it requires very little maintenance over the course of its lifetime. The most important thing is to have your roof inspected from time to time (once a year or once every couple years, depending on how often you get a storm) to look for any problems that need to be fixed or anything that needs to be cleaned. Finding problems early on is the key to long term maintenance. Sometimes full roof restoration is necessary.

Ensuring no debris has stuck is important as debris stuck in gutters or other parts of the roof can wear on the material and over time cause tents, scratches, or even holes. Most of the time, debris can be cleaned by hand or with water.

If the original coating used on the metal was poor quality or was applied poorly (make sure you choose a trustworthy roofer!) you may need to have it repainted once or twice throughout its lifetime.

Another thing to look for during an inspection is any loose screws or fasteners. As you can expect, loose screws can result in leeks or damage to the metal material itself.

How Often Should a Metal Roof Be Painted?

As mentioned earlier, a professional roofing contractor should properly paint the roof during installation such that it should not need to be re-painted at all during its lifetime.

That said, particularly in areas close to the ocean, additional wear caused by salt in the air may cause corrosion, in which re-painting may be necessary two or three times throughout its 40-70 year lifetime. As long as you’re having the roof inspected on a regular basis, you’ll know when it’s time to re-apply a coat of paint.

Hopefully this has helped you understand how long a metal roof can last and how to maintain it properly. If your business is in the Delaware, Maryland, or Pennsylvania area, please reach out to our team of experts with questions or to schedule an inspection or quote. Call us at (302) 306-5602 today! We look forward to serving you soon.

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