Membrane Roofing System


We’ve taken innovation to new heights with this complete waterproofing system that can improve and extend the life of an existing membrane. As TPO and other membrane roofing systems become weathered, rooftops can crack, leak, and pick up dirt, diminishing their effectiveness and energy-saving properties. Elastomeric coatings provide a new, cost-effective solution for repairing and preserving approved single-ply membranes, resulting in improved energy savings.

White roof membrane has radiative property values for solar reflectance and thermal emittance that improve the energy efficiency of commercial buildings and positively impact the environment. Choosing an elastomeric roof coating for your property means it’s been UL fire rated for safety.

Even though our membrane roofing systems calls for superb attention to detail and a comprehensive installation process including specialized surface cleansing, preparation, priming, detailed sealing, and fabric reinforcement, it still requires less time than an entire roof replacement or traditional roof restoration methods.

We love using Conklin’s elastomeric roof coating, which is Energy Star rated, CRRC (Cool Roof Rating Council) rated, Classified UL for impact resistance, and FM approved.

You Need a Spray Foam Roofing System If You Have:

  • 9Evidence of water damage on the ceiling
  • 9Bubbles, ripples or blistering in the roofing membrane
  • 9Increasingly higher cooling costs
  • 9Loose roofing materials
  • 9A commercial roof more than 25 years old

Advantages of Membrane Coating System:

  • 9Stops leaks with superior waterproofing
  • 9Increases energy efficiency and lowers utility expenses with its cool, white reflective surface
  • 9Extends the life of the existing roof

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