Roofing Calculator For Commerical Roofs

Commercial roofing costs vary drastically depending on the type of roof you choose, your location, and how complicated your roof is (with skylights, chimney’s, etc). This is where our roofing calculator below can come in handy. You can get a quick estimate of how much it may cost for various types of roof installations or replacements. After using the tool, keep scrolling to learn more about what factors affect roof pricing.

Interactive Roofing Calculator

Roof material

Estimated average cost: $16,140
(change the values above to adjust the estimated cost above)

DISCLAIMER: The pricing above is a very rough estimate and should not be seen as a quote or guarantee of final costs. As we’ll discuss further in this article, there are many factors that impact the final cost of roof installation or replacement. The above price estimate assumes you have a flat roof or minor slope, no skylights or chimneys, average complexity, and assumes national averages (prices vary by region).

Top Factors That Impact Roof Installation Costs

Roofing Material

The biggest factor by far that impacts the cost of commercial roof installations is the cost of the roofing material itself. Metal roofs tend to last longer than asphalt shingle roofs, making them popular on many commercial roofs, but they can also cost 3 or 4 times more than shingle roofs. On average, metal roofing costs around $10-15 per square foot installed, but the pricing further varies depending on what type of metal is used (copper, aluminum, etc).

Geographic Location

The average price per square foot for commercial roofs varies widely from city to city. For example, generally speaking the cost of installation in the midwest in the Mid Atlantic region is approximately 5-10% more expensive than the national average, while the same roof would typically cost 5-10% below the national average in southern states across the Atlantic coast. The size of the area being replaced will have an impact on the overall cost of the roof replacement.

Roof Size

This is one of the easiest factors to account for. In most situations, the cost per square foot is around the same price regardless of the size of the roof. However, it can sometimes cost a bit more per square foot to install a small roof because labor costs include setup, teardown, etc. At the same time, some larger roofs will end up costing more per square foot if the project is so big that a larger roofing crew will be required, which increases the labor cost.


The complexity of the roof can also have an impact on the overall cost of installation. A simple flat roof with no dormers, vents, skylight, etc will usually cost less than a complex roof with all these features. While this is true, there are other variables that should be taken into consideration as well. If the roof is very large (over 100,000 sq ft) and requires extensive repairs, then the cost of the roof could increase dramatically.

Getting A Custom Quote

While the roofing calculator we’ve provided can be helpful for general guidance, a custom quote is always the best way to get an accurate estimate. So if you want to see the exact cost of installing a new roof, we recommend getting a custom quote from a local contractor. If you’re in northern Delaware area, our team here at Mid-State Roofing would be delighted to serve you! Please call 302-306-5602 or click here to contact us today.