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Mid-State specializes in installation of Conklin roofing systems and commercial roof coatings through high-quality Conklin products. For more than 35 years, contractors have built sterling reputations and strong businesses with the help of Conklin products. Their commercial roofing systems have been tested and proven on more than two billion square feet of roofing and have allowed contractors like us to deliver unsurpassed quality to Mid-State customers.

End Leaks

Conklin’s 100% acrylic & VOC compliant coatings prevent leaks where they occur most, at the seams. Your entire commercial roof is protected by a durable, waterproofing finish.

Mid-State commercial roofing service can restore your commercial roof with a watertight barrier.

Conserve Energy

Save money on air conditioning! The energy-saving Acrylic Coating System keeps your building cooler, whether it’s air conditioned or not, by reflecting up to 85% of the sun’s UV rays. Our commercial roof coating systems (cool white roofs), with high solar reflective properties, prevent heat absorption that occurs from asphalt and other dark-roof options.

Save Money

It costs less to repair your roof than to replace it. When you don’t tear off your old roof, there are no waste disposal costs and your building’s contents are never exposed to the elements. With a commercial roof coating, there’s no need to interrupt your business operations, which means no downtime.

Conklin Systems

Facility managers and commercial business owners are realizing the cost-saving benefits of restoration over roof replacement. Conklin roofing systems require little maintenance, which saves you money in the long run.

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