Single-ply Membrane Roofing System


Single-ply membrane roofing systems are made with premium thermoplastic membranes. During installation, membrane rolls are overlapped and welded together to form an exceptionally durable, waterproof, energy-efficient shield that will deliver unsurpassed protection for years to come.

A single-ply membrane roof system is ideal for low-sloped commercial roofs and flat roofs. Traditional BUR roof systems require many layers of roofing material to create a waterproof surface and may require an extensive installation process. Conversely, a single-ply membrane roof is installed directly on your roof’s substrate, requiring less materials and less installation time.

With a single-ply membrane roof system, you get durable, watertight protection for much less than what it would cost to replace your commercial roof system.

Advantages of a Single Ply System:

  • 9Stops leaks with superior waterproofing.
  • 9Offers superior protection from wind and hail.
  • 9Offers fire and chemical resistance.
  • 9Increases energy efficiency and lowers utility expense with its cool, white reflective surface.
  • 9Can be applied in all seasons, performs in all climates.
  • 9Up to 20-year warranty available.

Spray foam for roofing is quicker to install than traditional commercial roof systems because there’s no dismantling of your current roof required, no discarded debris on the work site, and less cleanup required. The spray commercial roof coating covers evenly and expands to create a solid layer of protection on your existing roof.


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