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Mid-State Roofing provides commercial roofing solutions including commercial roof repair, replacement and installation throughout Delaware and surrounding areas. Our commercial roofing company partners with Conklin, the roofing solutions company that introduced elastomeric coatings to commercial roofing companies and the roofing industry 40 years ago. This one concept changed the commercial roofing world forever.

When you combine Conklin's superior quality products with Mid-State's trusted performance, you get results that offer peace of mind.

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Our white roofs reflect the sun's hot UV rays rather than absorbing them the way black roofs do. This keeps your commercial building cooler, reducing cooling costs and putting more "green" back in the pockets of building owners and property managers like you.

In fact, since Conklin introduced its white acrylic roofs more than 30 years ago, many commercial building owners have enjoyed a complete return on their investment and Mid-State is proud to be your commercial roofing company that offers Conklin roofing systems. We are committed to quality products and roofing systems for both commercial roof installations and repairs. Our goal as we partner with Conklin is to offer an unsurpassed value, providing a smart investment to building owners and property managers to help keep their bottom line strong.

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