Roof Thermal Imaging in Delaware

With roof thermal imaging (infrared) cameras, it’s now possible to find moisture and roof leaks on commercial roofs much faster and less costly than having to tear up portions of the roof to find and fix damaged spots. Getting an infrared inspection done on your roof has a number of advantages:

  • Find roof links faster & save money on labor costs
  • More accurate evaluation of roof damage after a storm
  • Avoid having to replace parts of the roof that are not damaged

How Roof Thermal Imaging Works

Thermal image cameras, or “infrared cameras” use infrared waves to detect and show differences in surface temperatures on the roof.

When the sun shines on the roof throughout the day, the most water-saturated parts of the roof tend to absorb and hold the most heat, and the infrared picks up those spots as high-heat areas. This can give the roofing contractor a better idea of where water may be held up and thus where leaks are most likely to exist.

How To Get A Thermal Roof Inspection

Find a local roof repair company or contractor who offers thermal roof inspections. If you’re in Delaware and you have a roof on a commercial building that needs an infrared roof inspection, our team here at Mid-State Roofing would be delighted to serve you!

While infrared cameras are generally available for public use, you should only trust an experienced and licensed roofing contractor to perform a thorough and accurate roof inspection. Sometimes additional equipment besides an infrared camera is required to perform a thorough inspection.

A proper inspection gives not just images but also explanations on where there may be problem areas on the roof. An experienced roofer will be able to look at the infrared images and explain what areas of the roof need repairs.

Can Infrared See Through Roofs?

No, thermal cameras cannot see through roofs or walls. They can detect temperatures on the surface of the roof, but that’s as deep as it can go.

Why Is Thermal Imaging So Expensive?

The cost of getting a professionally done thermal roof inspection can seem expensive because of the high costs involved in buying and maintaining infrared cameras and sensors.

However, don’t let the price tag scare you away. Opting out of infrared imaging could cost you many times more in labor and materials!

What’s Next?

If you think the roof on your commercial building may have some leaks or damage, the first step is to request a thermal roof inspection from a local commercial roofing contractor.

Here at Mid-State Roofing, we service the northern part of Delaware and part of the eastern side of Maryland. If you are in our service area, we encourage you to call us at 302-382-5706 or send us a message to get started. We look forward to serving you soon!