cool metal roofing

Cool Metal Roofing Can Save You Money

Metal roofing is one of the most popular types of commercial roofs and although they do provide some reflective benefits, they aren’t a cool roof solution. If you’re a facilities manager, you likely help maintain a commercial building that’s sheltered by a metal roof or your property is near other industrial buildings with metal roofs.

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fabric-reinforced roofing system on a hotel

Why Energy Star Certified Matters in Commercial Roofing

Reportedly, Americans spend about $40 billion annually to air-condition buildings. It takes a lot of energy to chill the air inside a commercial building, and the air distribution system inside a large warehouse or industrial facility can be a real energy hog. Anything a property manager can do to decrease the energy used to cool […]

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a commercial roof on a sunny day

10 Signs You Need A New Roof

If you are reading this post, you want one of two things. One, you know your roof is bad and are just bored, or two, you want to know how to tell if your roof is bad. Well, you are in luck my friend because in this post I will cover the 10 signs you […]

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